Exploring Tourism in Reunion
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Reunion Popular Places to Visit

Saint Paul Fairground Market

Head for the fairground market in Saint-Paul. Right on the seafront, this colourful market is the perfect place to discover local and international crafts, fruits and vegetables, spices, flowers and souvenirs from Réunion Island. You can also sample Creole specialities such as bouchons, bonbons piments and other traditional dishes. The market is open all day on Fridays and on Saturday

Bebour Forest

The Bébour forest is easily accessible. It is made up of high-altitude vegetation characterised by the tortuous trunks of tamarinds. With a surface area of 6,010 hectare, this forest is in an exceptional state of conservation and is spread out as far as the summit of the Piton des Neiges. It is one of Réunion's most remarkable natural mountain forests.

Ti Sable Beach

Located in the wild south of Saint-Joseph, Ti Sable beach is a little-known spot, even for most Reunion islanders. Bordered by a cliff of volcanic lava, Ti Sable's cove-like setting is ideal for picnicking, fishing, relaxing on your towel or taking a leisurely stroll along the seafront. The width of the beach depends on the tide. Be aware that the

Grand Bassin

Located slightly upstream of the Bras de la Plaine, Grand Bassin is an isolated ilet in a mini-cirque surrounded by imposing ramparts. Sometimes nicknamed the "little Mafate", this classic hiking spot on Réunion Island is a jewel of the Hauts region's heritage, offering visitors the chance to step back in time and take a trip in and out of time. This atypical

Hell-bourg Village

Hell-Bourg is one of France's most beautiful villages, located in the Salazie cirque on Réunion Island. At an altitude of around 930 metres, the village was built around disused thermal baths and has retained its typical Creole charm. The village of Hell-Bourg is well worth a visit. As well as being designated one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France

The Anse Des Cascades

The Anse des Cascades in Sainte-Rose is a veritable jewel case of greenery. This beautiful cove is home to a typical fishing port and numerous small waterfalls. But where does all this fresh water come from, and where does it end up in the Indian Ocean? Because when you take the road above, there's no river! Here's another mystery about

Grand Galet Waterfalls

Probably one of Réunion's most beautiful and popular waterfalls, the Cascade Langevin, also known as the Cascade Grand Galet, is located in the town of the same name in the wild south of the island. Very popular with tourists and locals alike, there are plenty of things to do here, including water trekking and canyoning.  Despite being nestled in the middle

Trou De Fer Waterfalls At Salazie

One of the top 3 tourist attractions, the Trou de Fer waterfalls are the Niagara Falls of Réunion Island. Thrills and dizziness guaranteed! The Trou de Fer is a geological depression in the Piton des Neiges massif. It takes the form of a chasm almost 300 m deep. Numerous watercourses rush into the Trou de Fer, forming a waterfall 725


Getting to Le Maïdo is an enchantment in itself. As you travel up the Tamarins forest road from Saint-Paul, you'll pass through many small, typically Creole villages, such as Petite-France. You'll smell the fragrance of geranium from the distilleries along the way: La Distillerie du Maïdo, La Maison du Géranium, etc. As you continue towards Le Maïdo, you'll also find

The Piton Des Neiges

The Piton des Neiges is located in the centre of Réunion Island, to the south of the Salazie cirque, to the north of the Cilaos cirque and to the south-east of the Mafate cirque. These 3 cirques, which surround the Piton des Neiges, are the result of the subsidence of magma chambers in the ancient crater and erosion caused by